Sexual abuses and assaults on Adivasis at Narayanpatna in Koraput district

Sexual abuses and assaults on tribal girls by the non-tribals are galore. Daily laborers are being given Rs.30 per day while Government has announced Minimum Wage at Rs.70. False cases are being registered against tribals and they are being harassed. Liquor mafia and sahukars are ruling the roost with the support of the District Administration. Instances of the Government apathy are galore and Collector finds little time to sort out the problems. Situation is grave and needs immediate attention of the State Administration, feel the members of the Civil Society after visiting strife-torn Narayanpatna in Koraput district.

Nachika Linga, leading the Sangham gave out details of the incident when they were allegedly attacked by the Anasangham. The opponent group consists of landlords, Sahukars, liquor traders, contactors and politicians attacked on 5 May,fully equipped with arms and the mob attacked the villagers. Linga’s organization has successfully motivated people against consumption of liquor which is a lucrative business of Sahukars. He has tried to settle various disputes mutually that reduced the number of cases registered in police station, which drastically reduced the unethical way of exploiting money by police officials from tribals. In this regards, he confessed of restoring 150 acres of land of Anasangham people to tribals that was their ancestors land illegally taken away by them.

This has irked the Anasangham and attack on the hapless tribals was organized, lamented Linga. In absence of a conflict resolution mechanism, villagers are spending sleepless nights in the area. District Administration has little time to look into the matter and the hapless tribals were left in dire straits, alleged he. Demanding immediate re-construction of the damaged houses, restoration of tribal lands to Adibasis and providing basic amenities to them are few conditions laid down by the head of the Sangham for conflict resolution. Other side of the story was narrated by the villagers, when the Team visited Gatiguda village, where nearly hundred families of Adivasi, Kandha Christians were residing. Philka, 50 narrated how they are going through horrible days and nights.

He alleged Sangham is responsible for sensational killing of Nityananda Moleka (40) on 16 May. Though they have already filed FIR in Narayanpatna Police Station, the cops have not taken any action. People are staying in pathetic condition by the side of the Tehesil office and Radhakrishna college of Narayanpatna. The district administration has only provided 3days of food initially when the incident happened first on 2 January. After that another group of people from Talagumandi and Uppergumandi fled away from their homes and stayed there being threatened by Sangham. From that day onwards the number has increased to 86 families of both villages and 125 families of Podapadar village. The villages that reportedly vacated are Talagumandi, uppergumandi, podapadar, Balipadu, Bikrampur, Dhamsil, Anchalpur, Gadabagudand and Gotiguda of three GP namely Balipata, Podapadar and Talagumundi. Charanlal Kuldip tearfully narrated how the Sangham forcefully took away 3.5 acres of his land before ten days and threatened to kill if he did not vacate the village.

Civil Society members feel that difference between the two groups i.e Sangham and Anasangham is acute. Forged way of land acquisition by some rich Harijan and non-tribal People is the cause of the trouble. 211 families are staying in open places and with the rainy season are likely to be onset soon they will be left in a hapless condition. Revenue department is callous over the issue and there is no move to sort out the problem. People are in a panicked condition and Police authorities are sitting finger crossed, feel the team.

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