Oriya Vs Adivasi – Discrimination of tribal population in Orissa State of India

The adivasis of Sundergarh districts have been tormented and subjected to all sorts of discrimination by the same people whom they have welcomed openly into their sacred places . The discrimination against the tribals have been more in the places where the outsiders who have come from the coastal orissa , sarikela etc they are normally called as oriyas .They are quite alien to the cultures of tribals and even a blind can feel a quite difference in status, culture, language, eating habbits etc .

1) The first of the racial discrimination is : In many homes of oriyas even today the adivasis are subjected to untouchability and they are discouraged to visit their houses. They are looked down and treated as outcaste. Even today the non christian tribals who do not practice the sarna dharam are subjected to the discrimination and they are discouraged not prevented to visit the tamples of oriyas (of coure this is another way of preventing)

2) There is a total negligence of govt machinery, the govt is only interested in milking, whatever revenue is collected from sundergarh is spent in cuttack, bhubaneswar etc. There is only a eye wash work done, one can see the percentage of developments in the whole district.

3) The tribal land cannot be bought by the non-tribals except the land should be more than 5 acres, still many non tribals specially oriyas have twisted the rule and have grabbed the lands of the tribals . Now a days the oriyas have started a trend of capturing the govt land called (Anabadi Zamin) and then getting them registered in the tahsil office. Even today many tribals who have encroached the govt land have not got the patta (registered) even they have encroached for more than 30 years.

4) The oriyas have refused to recognise the tribal languages as the official language of orissa except the language santhali ( ol chicki) even though the most of the tribal languages are written in devangiri script instead they have pressed oriya language maximum to the hilt. Some rouge organisation like the nila chakra are quite offensive to the tribal language and hard core in pressing oriya language.

5) One can clearly see the difference in ratios of tribals versus non-tribals in industries, which are in rourkela as well as near rourkela . Take the case of Rourkela steel plant , the majority of oriyas have got jobs no body knows how ?. Majority of tribals here work as contract labours. No body cares what may happen if any accident happens, no trade union of whatever affliction, do not bother as majority have been dominated by the oriyas. This trade unions oppose any sort of tribal recruitment in the executive /non executive posts. Permanent employees also face discrimination in the times of promotion, with the majority of oriyas getting preferences. This is the case in all sectors .

6) Tribals are discriminated in the times of job recriutments, there are many cases that the oriyas have teared off the list of employments where the tribals get recruitment. They fiercely oppose the tribals who are getting /or about to join their jobs. They even destroy their letter of joining.

7) There is also discrimination going on in schools where the schools are dominated by the oriya teachers . The students have faced adaring statements of "you quota people" or "adivasi students" which is clearly a violation of SC/ST atrocity act, but unfortunately the young students do not understand. The internal marks given to students are enjoyed by certain section of students only, after matric (ssc) many students have opted out of C.H.S.E (board of orissa 10+2) due to discriminatory marks given to students .

8) Atrocity cases filed against non tribals are minimum, one has to check the police records to see the truth. Many cases have come that there was refusel of lodging an F.I.R by the police, no doubt that at least 85% of inmates in the jail are tribals. They stay and hoping to get out miraculously as they have no means to fight the cases with no money. The judges, the police mechanisms, administrtive officers all are handpicked and brought here to carry out their goals.

9) Planned displacement of adivasis by oriyas and pre planned greater rourkela development plan to settle oriyas, plan to deshedule rourkela and to make it a district so that the rights of tribals can be suppressed.

10) The tribal lands have been taken by the govt to make and set up industries.How many people (tribals ) have got jobs in this private industries ? not even 5% ,instead the tribals who protest the pollutions are severely dealt with by the police ,even the childrens are not spared .Pre planned cracking and often terming them as M.C.C sympathisersand putting them behind bars.

11) The media has put a blanket ban on any news regarding the tribals ,and they very well paint a picture that every thing is ok here. Take out any media (paper/ electronic) they mainly praise the achivements of govt

This are some issue which has created a mass of disgrunteled tribals who are frustated and angry about the whole issue. No doubt the region is now sitting on a situation which might explode. This creates a situation where there are alternate routes to channelise their anger, already many have taken this path and this must be checked and prevented before it is too late.


kartik ekka

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