Adivasi girls raped by SPOs in Chhattisgarh village
Adivasi girls raped by SPOs in Chhattisgarh village

Two sisters live in a clearing in the forest about 10 km beyond the abandoned houses and empty yards of Mukram village in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada district. A third young girl cowers in the courtyard of her aunt’s house in neighbouring Tokanpalli. Between 14 and 18 years of age, Kose, Rame and Hidme (names changed) say they fled their homes in Mukram after they were sexually assaulted by Special Police Officers of the Chhattisgarh Police on May 22 this year.


“We can’t return to Mukram,” said Rame, “If they [the SPOs] find us again, they said they would cut my body into pieces and bury it in cement and no one would ever find it.”


Situated in the heart of territory dominated by the Communist Party of India (Maoist), Mukram lies along the only road that links the isolated police camps of Jagargunda, Chintalnar, Chintagupha and Polampalli to National Highway 221. While the road is open to civilian traffic, supplies for the police camps are sent every few months in heavily guarded convoys.


Seventy six members of the security forces were killed at a spot about 4 km from here on April 6 when they were ambushed by Maoists.


On May 29, The Hindu reported that five men from Mukram, including the sarpanch, Aimla Nanda, had been picked up by soldiers participating in a road-opening operation and that three women had been dragged to the CRPF camp and assaulted.


Though Superintendent of Police Dantewada, Amresh Mishra, denied the villagers’ claims last month, the women, whom The Hindu recently interviewed at length in private, provided graphic and disturbing accounts of the sexual assault they were subjected to by the SPOs.


“I was attacked at about 4 p.m. on the same day that the force took away Aimla Nanda. Two SPOs grabbed me from my house and took me to the CRPF camp in Chintalnar,” said Hidme, “We were surrounded by SPOs and walked through the jungle.”


At some point en route, the girls allege, the SPOs threw them to the ground and beat them brutally till they soiled themselves. “I was kicked and hit in my genitals until I bled profusely,” said Rame, “The bleeding continued for several days after the attack.”


“After beating us in the jungle, the SPOs stripped us naked, threw us in a small pond and told us to wash ourselves,” said Hidme, “They then took us to the Chintalnar camp where they called us Maoists and beat us again.”


“We were saved only when a senior policeman saw us in the camp and ordered the SPOs to let us go,” said Hidme, “He kept saying ‘Why have you brought them here? What are you doing to them?'”


“In such a conflict, reports of rape are often used to discredit security forces,” said O.P. Pal, Acting Superintendent of Police Dantewada, “We have not received any information regarding this incident.” But Mr. Pal said he would inquire into the matter, adding that the Chhattisgarh Police was a “disciplined force”.


Keywords: Salwa Judum, SPO, sexual assault, Adivasi inmates, Chhattisgarh, Naxal, Maoists


Source: The Hindu / June 8, 2010

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3 Responses to Adivasi girls raped by SPOs in Chhattisgarh village

  1. arun rajaram says:

    These are all cock and bull stories to mislead the people.

    Truth always hurts and even flesh traders are treated as villagers and tribals.

    there needs to be an iron hand not only to handle maoists and naxals
    but also to these antisocial elements which are more harmful than the
    naxals as well as maoists.

    we know the lawless acts of the so called villagers and tribals which
    is not out of ignorance but for their individual selfishness.

    it is a matter of time before they fall a prey their own tricky game.

  2. JOHN DENIS HORO says:

    Actually, it’s very easy to sit in one corner of the world, far away from the actual place of the incident / happening and
    comment, give one’s views……
    We, the readers have only TWO choices – believe or don’t believe it.
    If we don’t believe , we do not react at all. If we believe – our reactions are based on our knowledge and emotions arising
    out of our concern or some relativity….. it can be anything which depends from person to person.
    BUT one fact cannot be suppressed by any argument or reasoning which is – the adivasis are made ‘soft target’ for
    anything and everything. This does not need more explanation or clarification.
    Why is it so? Try doing the same act to any girl or woman of the upper caste in a village, city or town.
    This is just an of cowardice, sex-starved ‘animals’ ….(you can add up your own ‘adjectives’)
    There is more to the incident concerned but everything cannot be covered, we suppose.

  3. Tanna Bhai says:

    It is quite in violence infested regions like the Naxal Hit region , Kashmir Region , Gujarat Riots etc…….

    The sexual Violence against the Tribals is unheard of in the Media and never reported but we know this is the Strategy of the Security Forces to demoralise the Revolutionaries and Activists , in the WSF 2004 hundreds of Such Tribel Girls were there in Mumbai which was very well attnded by the International & National Media , the so called Nationalists want these incidents to be hid below the carpet and be hidden from the World becoz the world knows only one side of Indian Culture which is all about meditation , spirituality , Yoga and what not , but they are not aware of the Evil castte system , the Khap Panchayats , Satis , Dowry Killings , Manu Smriti that is all so evident in India , Superstition , the Tribals are considered demons by the High caste Hindus , so also in Kashmir and In Gujarat this weapon of HUMILIATION has been very widely used , in Kashmir HUndreds of thousands of Muslim women have been subjected to Rape and Murder by the Security Forces , recently Two women were raped and killed by the security forces what was very inhuman about these rapes were that the Soldiers gangraped these women and continued raping them even after they were dead , so also in Gujarat 1500 Muslim women were Raped and Killed in Gujarat in March 2002 , pregnant womens wombs were cut open and the Foetus was cut into pieces as the Butcherers felt the Wombs were Muslim , such was the Barbarious acts of these so Peaceful Hindus , a couple of such Women were able to see the Light of the Day and they have narrated the incidents to the world , the rapes were done in front of the womens Fathers , Husbands , Brothers , Sons , Cousins so as to give them a scar which will never heal .

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