IFS man raped me in Kenya: Adivasi Maid

A domestic help from Jharkhand has lodged a police complaint with the help of an NGO alleging that a former IFS officer had raped her, locked her in a room and gave her sedative drugs during his stint in Kenya.

The complaint has been registered at Moti Nagar police station in west Delhi. The police said the investigations are on but no case has been registered. The woman had been working at the diplomat’s residence in Kenya for the last three years. Her complaint says that she had not been paid her monthly salary and the diplomat allegedly raped her for three years.

The diplomat has denied the allegations. The woman came to Delhi in 2006 and lived with one of her aunts. “My aunt worked at the house of the diplomat’s friend. He asked my aunt whether I could accompany them to Kenya since he had a wife and two children and he required a domestic help, she agreed and I went with them,” said the woman.

The diplomat told her that living abroad would help her learn English, which would be an advantage when she comes back to India. But the woman was hesitant and told him that she would first work for six months to see how she things work out and in case of a problem, she would come to India to which the diplomat reportedly agreed. But soon after they reached Kenya in February 2007, the diplomat started misbehaving with her and also stopped her salary.

December 4th, 2010 / DC Correspondent

Adivasis’ News @ http://www.fb.com/Adivasi.Tribal.Indigenous.India


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