Adivasi Tribal India Group


 Welcome to blog of the ‘Adivasi | Tribal India’ Group.

 ‘Adivasi | Tribal India’ is a media, advocacy and funding support wing of Jharkhand Organization founded in 2005. It works for research / documentation / campaign / advocacy / non-profit projects’ funding process / development of adivasi or tribal region of India and Bangladesh.
What is Adivasi?
Adivasi (Devanagri आदिवासी) is a term for a heterogeneous set of ethnic and tribal groups believed to be the aboriginal population of India, now counts for 8 percent of the Indian population.

 Adivasi is officially recognized by the Indian government as “Scheduled Tribes” in the Fifth Schedule of the Constitution of India, which is eligible for certain affirmative action measures

 The Constitution of India, Article 366 (25) defines Scheduled Tribes as “such tribes or tribal communities or part of or groups within such tribes or tribal communities as are deemed under Article 342 to the scheduled Tribes (STs) for the purposes of this Constitution.

Adivasi societies are present in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan etc.



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