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IFS man raped me in Kenya: Adivasi Maid

A domestic help from Jharkhand has lodged a police complaint with the help of an NGO alleging that a former IFS officer had raped her, locked her in a room and gave her sedative drugs during his stint in Kenya. … Continue reading

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1500 Santhal Adivasis evicted from forest land of Assam

BONGAIGAON, Nov 3 / Assamtribune – The Forest department under Haltugaon Forest Division in the western part of the State has burnt down houses of more than 1500 Adivasi families of 33 forest villages in Longchung Forest area in the … Continue reading

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Why Adivasi Policeman got Killed in Bihar?

   The Maoist act of holding four policemen hostage and then killing one, has set off a huge war of nerves within the topmost Maoist echelons. And it is this that is holding up release of the remaining three policemen, … Continue reading

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Adibasi Girl MMS Video: Adivasi Girl Stripped & Molested on Walk of Shame

Adivasi Girl MMS Video: Adivasi Girl Stripped & Molested on Walk of Shame   A young adibasi girl in India was forcefully stripped, molested, to walk naked for almost 8 kilometer and blackmailed through MMS, being beaten and groped by … Continue reading


Development of Jarawa and Jharkhandi Adivasis in Andaman islands, India Adivasi – Tribal India Group –      Development of Jarawa and Jharkhandi Adivasis in Andaman islands, India     The Jarawa Adivasis were among the first people to migrate from Africa to Asia but, their way of … Continue reading

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The Adivasis of Bangladesh

In the beginning, for hundreds of thousands of years, forests and mountains nurtured human life. Civilization gradually lured many humans to concrete jungles. Today, we, the civilized people have coined terms such as adim or ‘primitive’, adivasi or ‘aboriginal’, and … Continue reading

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Adivasis women rape cases in Naxal den Adivasis women rape cases in Naxal den     On September 21, 2007, the Adivasi gang rape victims of Vakapalli in Andhra Pradesh wrote a memorandum to the sub-collector of Paderu: ‘We, the Adivasi women of Vakapalli village who … Continue reading

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